The innerverse is our own internal universe, our own place in the universe where all of us resides, the place through which our soul expresses its wisdom and guidance, it is the place where we operate from on a day to day basis at work, in our relationships, at home, in our leisure time. 

It is the place from which all decisions are made about everything. 

It is the place from where we derive our set of values and ideals as well as our own self-worth

It is where our spirit resides.

It is the place we call home on every level.

Hi, I am Narelle Wallace, healer of the #innerverse

I counsel, coach in life & business, mentor, train and speak about health, mental health and the body-mind relationship.

When our innerverse works well we can stand in our power.

We’re aware of our intuition and are connected to our internal guidance system.

What happens when we explore & heal our innerverse?


  • We are able to relate to others openly and honestly with trust and faith in our own ability to manage any outcome.
  • We believe in our own ability and have good self-esteem. 
  • We value what we do as well as who we are.
  • We have clarity of thought, we know our own mind well and can make decisions that are aligned with our values and are considered.  We know our own value system and we live accordingly. 
  • We have our own version of spiritual connection that we feel at home with.
  • We are connected at every moment to ourselves as well as the greater universe that we are a part of.

When our innerverse is not functioning well and in need of healing we can experience is as a raging emotional storm within or a quiet whisper that tells us we are not ok, ever.  It might be foggy and cloudy, and we are not able to see clearly the best path of action to chart or decision to make. 

We second guess, we avoid, and we defer power to others. 

We are unable to see the black holes and skirt around their edges, and too often fall in. 

We have electrical storms that influence our connection with ourselves and others, causing relationship challenges, avoidant behaviour and difficulty with intimacy. 

There might just be a blanket of darkness that pervades all of us leaving us with little understanding of who we are or how we tick.

This might show up as:

  • The feeling of being alone, even when you are in a crowded room
  • Lack of confidence in yourself and sometimes others
  • The inability to feel connected in your relationships, sometimes they might even fall apart
  • Difficulty in making clear and concise choices that factor in thoughts, feelings and intuition all at once.  Or simply put shitty choices
  • Feeling disconnected and isolated from the world
  • Anxiety and panic
  • Depressive episodes
  • A generalised lack of happiness within yourself, that you cannot quite explain

Maybe you appear on the outside ‘to have it all’, but on the inside, you just cannot get past the feeling that something is missing and that there surely is more to life

When we don’t do the healing work on our Innerverse…

We never see the clear and beautiful starry sky, the galaxies within, the beautiful construction of our innerverse, its intricate patterns and connections, colours and life or amazing planets.  We are never OK to just be ourselves.

I am not someone who will tell you how you should be because when you heal your innerverse you will know within in every cell and fibre of your being who you are.

What or who am I then?

I am the tour guide, holding space for you as you dive into your innerverse and undertake the journey to the centre of your being, uncovering the precious gem that is the true essence of you

And when we find it I’ll help you clean it up and make it shine. 

Shall we talk?

Maybe you are wondering if counselling, coaching or mentoring might help you? 

If this is the case I’d invite you to have a quick complimentary confidential chat with me so we can discuss your needs.

Lets Talk, The first 15 minutes are on me!

I promise to:

  • Guide you safely inward.
  • Hold space for you to explore.
  • Remind you of how brave you really are
  • Hold your hand when shit gets real, and it might!
  • Give you tools that will help you grow.
  • Be your rock when you get tired and need to lean on someone.
  • Ask you the hard questions so we can effectively clean out your wounds and heal them, restoring your innerverse to its full glory!