As a counsellor, polarity therapist, coach, trainer and mentor I work with people who have lost their sense of self, purpose and meaning in their life and work.

I run a private practice assisting people to connect with their true purpose and meaning to feel confident, supported and regain their direction in life.

I do this by holding space, being the mirror, acting as a soundboard and safely guiding clients into their own #innerverse to discover the solutions, meaning and direction they have lost along the way.  I also support clients with business coaching drawing on my years of experience in the corporate world.

I am also extremely passionate about the connection between body and mind.  Coming at Counselling from the perspective of a bodyworker and energy therapist I know too well how trauma and grief can become the cause of disease, and the more I work with the whole person, the better the healing will be for them.

Before training in Remedial Massage, Polarity Therapy and Counselling I had a corporate career and worked for some big names like the South Australian Film Corporation, Flinders University, Logi-tech and Telstra.  I use these experiences to support my business coaching & mentoring clients grow with their business and into them.

My superpowers are in making complex things simple and finding the balance point.  I’ll let you in on a little secret – finding that point of balance isn’t always in the ‘middle’.

Some would and have referred to me as psychic – personally, I see this as simply being well connected to my own intuition and it helps enormously in reading energy and being able to clearly interpret what that might mean for my clients.  I often see the emotional energy that we hold in our bodies, years of working on bodies has helped me refine this skill!

This gift has always informed my work and still does today.  It does not replace counselling and mindset work, coaching or training but it cuts through the bullshit and clutter that so often surrounds us so we can get to the heart of a problem, situation or person quickly.

I use all these skills and experiences with both personal counselling and business coaching/mentoring clients in private practice.  I offer services both in person in North Queensland, and online using zoom as a platform, working with clients from all over the world.

Formally, my qualifications include:

  • Cert IV TAE
  • Cert IV Counselling
  • Telstra Sales training 8 week program
  • Flinders University staff training in Project Management
  • Cert IV Remedial Therapies
  • Diploma of Polarity Therapy

I have also attended a number of non accredited programs such as the ‘stand up with confidence’ training run by comedian Dave Flanagan and the IMAD (I make a difference) program

Here are some quick facts about me, the person; because I always find that I like to get to know the people I work with, so I will go first with some quickfire questions…

Originally from: Adelaide, South Australia

Favorite Movie:  Breakfast Club, The Matrix, and most things with Bruce Willis…

Instruments I play: Trumpet, piano and percussion and I would love to learn cello

Hobbies:  My podcast (see below), watching movies, travelling, music

Pets: Miss Kitteh, the little black rescue cat, do my kids count?

Favorite Food:  Pavlova – though I rarely indulge these days

Favorite Drink: Chambord & Soda with a wedge of fresh lime, very tropical, or ginger cordial

Dislikes: Bullies and Brussel sprouts

Feel free to  book in for a complimentary connecting call to tell me a little about you!

You can also find me over on my podcast with fellow Counsellor and Psychotherapist Renee McDonald.  To listen in,  check out the website here or on iTunes.