Coaching is a shorter term therapeutic relationship to help you overcome specific challenges you are experiencing in your life or business.

Mentoring is ongoing support in your business from someone who has been there and done that.  It helps you learn from the mistake of others, be guided to the best outcomes for your situation and support with learning the things about business and doing it that you are unsure of or even unaware of.  It supports you to grow as a person and in your business.

Coaching and mentoring for business people can support them in working through challenges within themselves that impact their business, strategies for growth, finding direction,  product or service development, or in managing business relationships effectively.

What should you expect?

Great question!

As with counselling, the first session will involve a ‘contracting’ discussion where your needs are discussed and a plan formed to meet them, timeframes and frequency of sessions set up.

The coaching relationship is often much shorter than counselling or mentoring, often 1-3 sessions are all that is needed to move forward.  Mentoring is often less frequent but longer term.

If you are unsure if you need coaching, mentoring or counselling or if it is even suitable for you I’d invite you to book a brief complimentary chat with me to talk over your needs. 

You can book that here:

Want a complimentary 20 minute chat to scope out your needs?

So why me?

I am not a business coach who will tell you what your business should be, but I can tell you there is no greater business or marketing tool than an #innerverse that has been healed because it allows you to express the unique and powerful force that is you.

I am not a corporate coach who will dictate strategy to you, but I can tell you the clarity that comes from an innerverse that has been healed is the most powerful strategy you can employ right now to take steps forward.

I can, however, hold space for you to access my experience in these areas and work collaboratively with you so that your goals, workloads and outcomes are yours and achievable.

I want to teach you to trust in you.  Because only then will you be truly empowered…

I have a very rich and diverse background bringing experience from the corporate sector in finance, systems design, administration, management and marketing.  I have also set up my own successful remedial massage and polarity therapy practice in the bricks and mortar environment and later evolved into offering services and products in the digital space after moving from one side of Australia to the other.  I studied to change career alongside being a single mum with chronic health concerns.  I have bumped up against most challenges a person can face moving into the small business world and figured out how to overcome them, walk around them or accept them.

I also have a great referral network so where I cannot help you I probably know the right person who can.