Counselling is a professional therapeutic relationship where you can be heard and supported with compassion and guidance by a trained professional.  Counselling allows you to explore themes, thoughts and feelings that are happening for you in a safe and non judgemental place, and without bias.

  •  Counselling involves a professional relationship where you can be heard and supported by an unbiased professional who is trained to really listen without judgement and guide you through your #innerverse.
  • It can support your through changes in life or when you experience loss and grief.
  • It can help your process in making decisions with the best outcome in mind.
  • To help uncover the parts of you that might sit below your awareness that contributes to patterns of unhelpful behaviours or thinking styles.
  • Counselling can help you process emotions in a safe and supported place.
  • Ultimately counselling can help you create the version of your life where you feel the most meaning and purpose; as well as genuine self-acceptance.

Would you like an 'insight' counselling session with Narelle?

Counselling is a fabulous preventative measure to help you arrest any problem that might lead to more serious mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. 

It can also help you if you are already there and need help to restore your mind to good mental health.

The counselling relationship is often longer term than coaching and really is dependent on the presenting issues you are experiencing.  This will be discussed at your first consult, an insight counselling session,  during the ‘contracting’ phase of counselling where we talk and get clear on exactly the help you need, how long it might take and what to expect.


Prevention is always better than cure.

Maybe you are not sure or wondering if counselling might help you? 

If this is the case I’d invite you to have a quick complimentary confidential chat with me so we can discuss your needs.

I am not a superficial healer who simply band-aids your problem with a new strategy each week for every ill.  Because I know that healing a wound can sometimes be painful as it is cleaned and stitched.  Slapping a band-aid on an infected dirty wound will only make it worse in the long run. 

When you experience true healing in your innerverse you too will know the difference and the powerful benefits from healing wounds the right way.